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More Horsepower

How Can You Increase Your Horsepower Without Actually Adding More Or Different Performance Parts To Your Engine?

You can keep what you have, or maybe restore it by doing all the recommended maintenance. If you feel the need for more, I suggest the most reliable and cheapest (In the long run) is to buy a car that has want you want rather than trying to make a car do something it was not designed for. Back in the 50’s you could make a few easy changes to gain a few horsepower, but the manufacturers have gotten better.

Many manufactures have a “performance parts guide” Oh yeah you don’t want to add parts.

What do your “bench racing” buddies discuss?

You put out the idea,I will tell you if it works.

You cannot increase your horsepower without adding more or different parts to your engine.

You can, however, increase your performance some by removing weight. Jettison everything you don’t need including rear seats, passenger seat, carpeting, AC, the hood, the grill, your friends, the trim, the spare, and replace as many body parts as possible with fiberglass or carbon composites.

Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?

What’s The Make, Model, Year, Transmission, And Engine ?

Sorry, not like “More cowbell!”

Texases, What? I’m A Flatlander. “What’s More Cowbell ?” I’m Missing It!

It’s a reference to an old Saturday Night Live bit:

Just wanting more HP won’t make it happen.

There Is No Magic Pill That … Wait A Minute … Here’s A Pill For Your Gas Tank!

Most people would probably tell you there is no such thing. I’ll bet they even comment on this.


Had A Laugh At The Video! Now I Know What “More Cowbell” Is. Thanks!

If you buy a used turbocharged Volvo, ipd has software mods for some versions that change torque converter timings and turbocharger boost pressure settings. For example, the S60R can be boosted from 300 HP to 340 with an intake manifold pressure boost from 14.7 psi to 19 psi.

The best way is to imagine that you have more power. Then the trick is to switch back to reality when you are driving. Power stays in your head and makes you do dumb things. Look at some of the crazier motorcycle and snowmobile people on Max-X and those other law camera shows. If you make a five year plan for success in life, try to figure out how more power will help you. It will be a worthwhile exercise. Try to imagine being 58 years old with no savings. Then do what you can so you can happily look forward to retirement.

Please Dodge Van, Are You Talking About “Virtual” Power ?"

Is this the power to be able to have more power without really having to have it? I have that. You are right. Now that I can afford to have more power, I don’t need it any more. The power comes from the power of being able to have more power whenever you want more power without acually having to have it. Good advice. Be happy. Save your money. Retire comfortably (See if you can be forced into it, early).