How can i get better performance in my car?


Well I recently purchased a 2005 Saturn ION 2. It’s a 4door car. Nice price I paid for it and it’s great for the space. I was thinking about increasing the power that the vehicle has, but I don’t know exactly how to go about doing so?

i’m not looking to make this car a hot-rod or some kind of import street racing machine. All I want is to increase the HP by hopefully 50 or 70 HP.

(((((if possible)))))

so does anyone have any ideas?

wouldn’t it have been easier and cheaper to buy the car you want rather than buying a car and then trying to re-engineer it to make it what you want?

There are aftermarket accessories that can boost the power output to some extent, but a 50-70 hp increase is not realistic on an engine of that size unless you go to extremes and put a supercharger on it. However, since the main bearings and the transmission of your car were designed for a car without a supercharger, the strain that you would be putting on those parts would likely give them a very much shortened life expectancy.

Your best bet is probably to have a new “chip” installed, as this can change things like the spark advance, resulting in more power. However, the increase in power is likely to be somewhere in the neighborhood of…20 or maybe 25 hp, given the relatively small size of the engine. And, then you have to remember that your 3-4 year old transmission may not stand up to even this type of power increase, especially if you are “enthusiastic” in your use of the gas pedal.

As Mr. Meehan stated, your best bet for a more powerful car is to buy one with the desired power in the first place.

Sorry, you bought an economy car. Unless you add a turbo or supercharger; there is no way you are going to see an increase of 50 to 70 HP. Since this car is OBD II, there is no “chip” to swap out. You could get 93 octane tune for it using a Tuner or laptop with the correct software/connectors. However this would net you 10-13 HP at most.

You’re looking for a 50% increase in power…Easiest way to achieve that is replace the engine. If that’s not an option…then look for a turbo-charger kit. For that kind of increase in performance…it’s going to cost a LOT. It would be cheaper buying a new car.

yeah i sorta figured that part out after i purchased the car.
so now i’m stuck with it.

but yes i was just curious if there was anything that i could do to increase the power.

so would you say that all i can do with my car is just make it into a “Show” car?

ok cool.
so would you say that i can make my car into a show car intead?

i don’t know if i really want to start swapping things out like that …
no but it is a honest answer so thank you!

so would you say that i’m better off just making this car into a show case car?

An econobox “show” car only says that the owner needs to grow up.

Here’s an alternative - keep the engine as it, improve the suspension/wheels/tires. Stay away from the massive wheels sizes, but putting on a slight increase with high quality tires (maybe some slightly stiffer, lower springs) can make a large difference in handling, cost next to nothing in fuel mileage. Course, those kind of tires wear out quicker.

The easiest solution is to simply trade or sell it and get the model you really wanted, the Saturn Redline ION. It comes out of the box with 205HP(that 50-70hp more) by using a GM 2.0L engine(Saab) coupled to a supercharger.

Actually the Redline models had a destroked Ecotec II engine with a supercharger. Saab had nothing to do with the devlopment. Saab’s engine was based on the 1st generation Ecotec.

I don’t know that you’ll find a lot of cosmetic add-ons for an Ion, it not having been designed for the tuner crowd. If you’re willing, you can create your own customization with fiberglass, but it takes some work. Your local bookstore should have books on how to do this.

[quote]so would you say that i’m better off just making this car into a show case car?[/quote}

If you want to do this for fun…sure…do what you want. I would never put that kind of money into ANY Saturn. They are not what most car enthusiasts would consider a “Show Car”. They are at BEST basic transportation.

ok thanks.
so when i grow up i’ll let you know.

I grew up once. It was no fun at all. Old people begin to act like kids out of wisdom.

As the owner of a supercharged V8 Mustang, I must say that one of my pet peeves are people to attempt to make a slow car look fast. I get a chuckle out of folks who have no problems spending 3k or 4k for a body kit and custom paint. Another 2 or 3k on rims, and somehow see fit to install a park bench-like wing on a front wheel drive car. Yet don’t spend a dime on modifications that have any kind of useful functionality. When I think of a show car, I envision restored , rare classic cars. That you don’ see every day. It’s just not that impressive to me to see a Civic or GTI that’s been riced out. Since I see literally dozens of of Civics on the road every day. That’s just me though.

You forgot the loud muffler. It has to sound fast as well as look fast.