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205 L6 Chevy Nova power boosters

I asked a question simmilar to this previously, and got some good replies until the thread became too long and i lost track of all conversations. So, what are some relatively cheap and/or easy things that can be done to increase horsepower from the stock 100 hp it comes with. By the way, it only has 16,750 miles.

Niko, Did you do a suggested and contact Clifford for 6cy mods?

not yet, i haven’t got it running yet. :), but I just put it up to see if any new things would come up, but thanks for the suggestion given on the old discussion, and if i do make some modifications i’ll put up pics

I don’t know if anyone makes a bolt-on turbo or super charger…But that would sure perk up your Nova…If your skill level supports it, you could fabricate a system using salvage yard parts…Check e-bay too…

that would be nice and all, but turbos/superchargers would decrease my engine life, or so i’ve head, but thanks for the suggestion

buy a new car,EVO 10 maybe?