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The dealer is quoting an estimate of nearly $2000 to fix a stuck moonroof on 2003 4runner. That’s a lot of money to close a window.

Is this possible?

There was a recent post on this forum regarding this problem…suggested solution that worked was to clean the tracks…use search function…

Tracks are not the problem. It’s the motor and something else.
$1000 to just close it, or $2000 to fix it.
This is the part that kills me.
$125 if they open it up and say they can’t just close for $1000 and I don’t want to opt for the $2000.
They’re playing Texas holdem with me. Sheeeesh!!

Is there a shop that installs sunroofs near your area, like Ziebart? If so, go ask them about it, they might be able to help for a bit cheaper than the dealership.