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Moon roof stuck

With the moon roof fully open, I reached up and slid the sun shade (bottom cover) forward to block the sun. I suppose there are some type of tabs on the rear of the slide that are now in front of sliding moon roof, and the moon roof will not fully close. In addition, now when I attempt to push the cover back into place, it feels/sounds like it’s hitting something. The bottom cover is now not fully opened as well.

How can I fix the moon roof to open and close fully and enable bottom cover to open and close fully.

Appreciate any recommendations or advices.

It’s a full moon tonight…

They make 8" wide, 200mph duct tape…So you can start saving your money…

The best advice I could give is to close the moon roof as far as it will go, and then ram the sun shade backwards until it pops back into position. Then you should be able to close the roof all the way.

Note: You will in all likelihood break your sunshade’s tabs when you do this, but at least you’ll stop rain from getting into the car.

If you want to really tear into things, you’ll need to remove the headliner and then start disassembling the moon roof assembly until you can drop the sunshade low enough to slide it back without the tabs preventing it from going where it needs to go. Set aside a Saturday if you do it this way.

You are correct in your assessment that the front lower edge of the moon roof has a lip that normally catches the front top edge of the sunscreen and slides it back, and you are also correct that your having pushed the sunscreen to where the lips are backwards is affecting your moonroff operation…it’s hanging up.

The only real solution is to get the front edge of the sunscreen back behind the lip on the moonroof again. You’ll have to carefully force it by hand. I’d recommend against using the moonroof mechanism to try to force this, as it’s a cable drawn assembly and you just might mess up that part of it also.