Honda 2011 CR-V Sunroof won't close

The sunroof on my 2011 CRV won’t close. It slides back fine but when it goes forward to shut it returns to the open position. I can tilt it but when I bring it down it won’t shut either.

Have you tried closing it manually?
Many–perhaps most–car mfrs include a tool (sort of like a giant hex key) in the tool kit just for this purpose. There is usually a small plastic cover that can be removed in the ceiling panel area in order to insert this tool.

Check your Owner’s Manual to see if it makes any mention of what I described above.

Check the track on each side of the sunroof for any obstructions/debris.

Ed B.

I would check the switch.

Your sunroof has a mandatory “child safe” system in it that reverses the closing roof if it encounters resistance beyond a specified level. It sounds like yours could use a cleaning and lubing of its tracking system.

After cleaning and lubing the tracks, you might also need to “reinitialize” the system. The roof is controlled by the Body Control module (BCM) and there is an “initialization” procedure that the dealer goes through when prepping the car (when new) for delivery. The dealer’s parts guy should be able to print this for you.