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Moisture in head light assembly

I have a 2002 Mistsubishi Eclips. One of the head light assemblies always has moisture condensation in it. I replaced a cracked rubber seal that seals the bulb area and used compressed air to dry out the plastic lens assembly. The moisture returned but it is never on the other head light always the same one. Does the moisture reduce the effectivness of the lights?

Doesn’t anyone have an answer?

it sounds like the light housing is cracked somewhere else. although you got the gasket replaced, there must be another source of intake.

i am not familiar with your specific headlights, but on most new cars the head lights have multiple light bulbs (thus more ways for water to get inside.) check all the light bulb openings.

you may want to look into getting a replacement head lamp assembly. although you may just be swapping one old part for another old part.

Is the assembly one- or two-=piece?

It is a one piece and there is only one bulb in the assembly!

It is sometimes difficult to spot cracks in the clear lens, but the most common leak spot is the seam where the clear part attaches to the back of the housing. You will need to take the housing out of the car. Once out, you can fill it with distilled water and find the leak. Take some silicone seal and run a bead over the leak, probably all the way around the seal where the clear part attaches.

Thanks that sounds like a good way to check for a crack! The assembly comes out very easily.