Condensation in headlight lens

I have a 1998 acura integra that has condensation in the drivers side headlamp lens cover. It causes the bulb to burn out. How do I remove the lens cover to dry it out?

The lens is part of the lamp assembly and will not come off, it is glued on. There is a crack or something to that affect that is allowing moisture to seep in. You may pull the lamp and dry it but it will happen again. Most likely you will need to purchase a lamp. New OE, new aftermarket or a used lamp might be found.

Does the car have a headlight housing into which you fit the new bulb when it burns out?

Moisture in headlight housings is common. Having that moisture cause bulb failures is uncommon. You are not touching the bulb glass with your fingers when you put in a new bulb are you?

Moisture in the housing generally indicates a crack or a bad seam. The best way to fix it is to remove the housing from the car, remove the bulb, seal the vent, fill it with distilled water (to avoid water spots on the reflector), and see where the water leaks out. Dry it out, fix the leak with silicon seal or similar, and put it all back together. I have done this several times on different cars.

While you are fooling with it, use some plastic polish to get the sun damage haze off the clear plastic. Don’t be afraid to spend a lot of time polishing.

Remove the entire headlight assembly from the car, take out the bulb sockets and use a hair dryer to dry out the inside of the headlight. Apply silicone sealant in the seam between the clear plastic and the lens housing.

This worked on my 2000 Blazer when I was having the same problem.

Ed B.