Headlight keeps blowing

About a year ago I was in a front end colisionmainly affecting the passenger side. Had everything fixed (except the headlight housings due to no visible cracks) but ever since my driver side headlight blows about every two months. I’ve replaced it several times (being careful to not touch the glass) but to no avail. I’ve assumed for a while that the headlight housing is cracked somewhere because each time I’ve changed it there has been about an inch of water in the headlight along with the broken glass from the bulb itself. Just wanted some second opinions before I buy a new headlight housing. Wouldn’t be a huge deal seeing ass they are old and foggy anyway. Thanks in advance

The water in the housing is geting on the hot lamp and cracking it. Before you replace the housing, pull it off and make sure it is cracked. Otherwise you have to look around to find the path the water is taking into the housing.

Any moisture will cause the bulb to blow. Replace the housing.

The best investment I have made recently was to put two new headlight assemblies on my 1999 Honda. The car now looks close to new, and the improvement in nighttime vision is dramatic and a big safety improvement. They were less than $100 each from Rock Auto. Not OEM quality but not OEM price, either.