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Moisture on inside of driver side headlight

I have moisture on the inside of the front driver side headlight fixture, how does this occur and what can i do to eliminate it?

lens or case is either broken or cracked.

Or not sealed properly from the factory. You will probably have to replace it. New aftermarket will probably run around $100.

In the past I have successfully removed the headlight, dried out the interior, and gooped up any cracks/seams/etc. with a clear silicone sealer. (This obviously doesn’t work anywhere on the face of the plastic lens. If that is cracked then you replace it.) Then you also check the gasket for the bulb housing. You don’t do this if you’re trying to keep the car in perfect condition. But for an older car where you want functionality at minimal costs it can work.

You got to love the design department that decided we need fancy $100 parts rather than the old $5.00 sealed beams that you could replace with just a screwdriver and five minutes.

Yes siree…just pull out that bulb and let it sit in the sun…this wont help you when it rains again however…water will get back in…and you will have to repeat the process until you find the crack and fix it or replace the housing.

Drill 1/8 inch holes in the reflector at the top and bottom just behind the joint with the lens. The holes will drain the liquid and allow the hot vapor to vent. Doing so will buy you some time. The headlight will soon need replacing.

There is no standing water in the casing, just on the outer lense like dew on your windshield in the morning.

It’ll still help to dry out the headlamp housing.