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Moaning/ creaking behind dash 2004 honda accord v6

I have a 2004 V6 EX Honda Accord Sedan, and I recently have been hearing a moaning/creaking noise that seems to be coming from behind the drivers side dash. It seems to happen randomly (not correlated to the brakes, turning, accelerating, etc.) and just happens every few minutes or so. Sometimes it stops for a while then starts doing it again. The sound itself only lasts about 2 seconds each time and goes from lower pitch to a higher pitch. I just had my transmission fluid drained and filled and oil changed, but this started happening right before these changes. My engine maintenance light was on, but I figured that was for my oil change or tranny fluid and it just wasn’t reset (so I turned it off…maybe not a good idea), but now I’m thinking it was for the problem that’s causing this sound. Any help or advice would be helpful.

Thanks much,

I wonder if your problem is caused by something in the heating and air conditioning system. Try turning the heating and air conditioning completely off and see if you hear the noise.

The possibilities also dash gauges. Try to narrow down what when and where.

It should be noted that Accords of the 2000-04 vintage have a known problem with squeeking and creaking noises emanating from various areas of the dashboard. It may not be possible to eliminate this noise without tearing the dashboard apart, and that is hardly cost effective in a car that is already at least 8 years old. The OP may just have to live with this noise.

RIGHT YOU ARE, It is a matter of my time, mechanic time, and finding the source of the problem or living with it. If you are thrifty and want to fix it we will try to help. If you want to take it to a dealer, get an estimate first.