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I have an Accord with a 4-cylinder v-tech engine that started making a funny noise recently. It runs fine, and the noise is actually more noticeable inside the car than outside or under the hood, and is loudest when sitting and idling.

Could you be more specific about the noise and the car? Honda Accord making a funny noise is such a general statement that it is impossible to help you with this. We need to know at least the year and mileage of the car and a better description of the noise than ‘weird’ or ‘funny.’

A funny noise?

Does it sound like laughter?

If not, could you give us a better description of the noise?

Year, miles, etc. Not enough for a guess, but have the fluid levels been checked, oil, coolant, trans? How old is the serpentine belt? I replace the belt on my cars every 3 or 4 years.

Ed B.

You didn’t give us much information here. If the car is at least a few years old, look for loose exhaust components, especially the heat shield.

The noise is kind of like a “clacking” sound (as opposed to a clicking sound.) It is very hard to describe, other than it is unusual and very noticeable inside the car, and especially when sitting still while idling. It is a 1999 Honda.

The only kind of clacking noise I can think of on these cars would be valve lash out of adjustment, but that should be fairly profound from under the hood. Your valve lash should be checked and adjusted every 30k miles.

On a side note, check your oil. Make sure there is some in it. That would also make a clacking sound.