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Noise in 2003 Honda Accord

There is a strange noise when I start my car while engine cool but I can only hear the noise when the door is shot and the window is up. Could it be my transmission or what because the noise goes off once I change to D but you can hear it while the gear is on P, R and N. But once the engine is warm the noise will disappear on all gear level (P, R or N). Honda accord 2003 V6. Please advise.

What type of noise? A whine, clatter, thump, click, squeal?? What does it sound like? Give us a little help here!

How many miles? Has it been serviced regularly? Is the check engine light on?

The noise sound like clicking (kor kor). I am on 122K miles and always servicing regularly. The engine light is not ON.

Sounds very minor. I’d ignore it until it gets worse.

Just curious. Have you ever changed the transmission fluid? If so, what mileage, and was the replacement fluid Honda ATF? I had a 2005 Accord EX V6 and I replaced the trans fluid every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. I traded the car at 186,000 miles, and the dealer remarked at how well the transmission ran.

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Yes, I do change the oil regularly at interval of less than 20,000 miles and the last change was on 118,533 miles. Unfortunately the mechanic used “MANNOL 8210 ATF JWS” 3309 instead of Honda ATF without my knowledge. The confusion is that I can only heard the noise when the engine is cold and only when all my windows are up and when the gear is on P or R or N but not on D. Once the engine is warm up the noise will disappear at any gear level be it P, R, or N.

MANNOL says it’s compaitible with Honda Z-1 ATF, but I’m skeptical. I suggest you replace the MANNOL with Z-1. Honda provides a procedure for it. Drain it and refill, then drive a little and drain/refill/drive again. Repeat another time and finally top it off. Honda does not want the transmission flushed, and you shouldn’t do that. That’s the method in my 2005 V6 Accord’s owner’s manual.

Serpentine belt noises can occur under those conditions, but are usually reported as squeals or squeaks, rather than ticking sounds. Make sure to ask your shop to rule out the serpentine belt path before presuming it is something more serious. A failed serpentine belt tensioner could make a ticking sound for example.

Below Link may help:

It could be the VTC actuator. There’s a technical bulletin about it.