Noise upon acceleration

I have a 2000 Honda CRV and every time I depress the accelerator I hear a noise which continues as long as I have my foot on the accelerator. When I come to a stop its gone. It is actually a little louder when I initially start the car and drive and then settles down but can still be heard. Help!

You are going to have to help us out a little bit here.

How many miles are on the odometer?

Is this a manual transmission vehicle, or an automatic transmission?

What does the noise sound like? Is it a squeek, a squeal, a rattle, a hum, a banging noise?

And, where does it seem to emanate from? Under the hood, under the car, within the dashboard area, right side, left side?

Is the ambient temperature a factor? In other words, is it worse in the early morning hours when it is cool, or is it worse later in the day as temperatures rise?

What is the state of maintenance of the vehicle? Is it up to date with all of the items on Honda’s maintenance schedule?

Right now, your question is sort of like phoning a doctor to report that you have a pain in an unspecified area of your body and then asking what your medical condition might be.

A common noise from Hondas is the rattling/buzzing of a heat shield in the exhaust system, under the cabin. It may happen at particular engine RPM, or through a range of RPM. A good locally owned exhaust shop may be a good place to take it - in my experience they do a good job of diagnosing and repairing exhaust problems at fair prices, and do not engage in trying to sell unneeded work.