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Has anybody noticed

Has anyone noticed quite a few old threads are just popping up out of the blue. For instance the “Converter lock” thread just popped up tonight. The last post to this thread was back in July but its coming up today with no new posts. I have seen 2 or 3 old posts come up over the past few days. Just wonderin…


Deleted a spammer.

We have a troll invasion pushing a Coach outlet site. Think that is causing the disruptions.

Got it, thanks.


“a Coach outlet site”

More than likely, it is a site pushing poorly-made, low-quality, Chinese-manufactured counterfeits of genuine Coach merchandise.

Unfortunately, when those spam posts were deleted, the “recent changes” timer on the post was left set at the more recent date, so all these old threads have swamped the more recent ones. The most recent change timer really should be set back to the time of the last undeleted post. Maybe the board admins can fix this in a software setting, or maybe the vendor of the board software can write a fix for this. It would be worth asking about.