Missing part under the car by the oil filter

What am i missing? Next to the oil filter there is a gap where something is missing. What is it ?

Maybe you could put this bracket there;


I’m puzzled. Is something actually wrong with your car?

What makes you think there’s a missing part?

The threaded hole(s) and the round raised post suggest that. Maybe that black bracket or plate belongs there.

Used to be there were unused fittings in place for AC components. Now AC is ubiquitous, so unused fittings are less common.

Fair enough. I’m not saying there isn’t supposed to be a part there.

My thought was if the car is exhibiting any weird behaviors, that might help clue in on what part is missing. Otherwise, if the car seems to be acting normally, maybe there wasn’t a part there in the first place.

Optional oil cooler mabe?

My Corolla has something that looks like that, near the oil filter. It’s for bolting on the AC components, an option which my Corolla doesn’t have.

The picture is the bottom of the oil pan near the transmission, no air conditioning parts belong there. The rubber plug is for access to the torque convertor bolts.

OK, I see. The AC mounting points on mine are on the front of the engine, not the underside.

If I was the original poster I’d google Kia Soul forum and then follow into one of them and post this question and photo. Some home mechanic with the same car can answer this question.

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