Truck cabin air filter location

Anybody know where the cabin air filter is located on a 2004 GMC work truck? Manual says there may,or may not be one.

The Haynes GM truck('99-'05) manual shows a filter under the glove compartment area (if so equipped).

My '02 Tahoe is supposed to have one but I haven’t been able to locate it.
Perhaps not looking hard enough.

It’s down there and it has plastic tabs front and back to get it out. It is easy to find if you have one.

Our 2000 Tahoe manual says it is under the glovebox if it has one also. I never found it. One day I went to a quick oil change place and the guy asked if I wanted a new cabin filter. I told him the truck wasn’t equipped with one. He said, yes it is. So I told him if he can find it, he can replace it. He couldn’t find it.

Looks like one of GM’s mysteries. I’ll look again.

Check aftermarket filter suppliers web sites. Sometimes the same manufacturers put direction is the boxes as well.

Hmmmm. You’d think GM would have put a cabin filter in these Tahoes.

Gonna have to hunt some more.

My '00 Olds Silhouette has TWO of 'em.

I had the oil/filter changed in the suv today and a couple of hours ago I spotted oil drips on the driveway.
This vehicle has been a non- leaker from the time I bought it so I wondered if the oil filter was leaking?
I crawled under with a rag and flashlight to find everything dry as a bone, aside from a little dirty oil hanging off the drain holes in the skid plate.

I dried off the top side of the plate but there wasn’t much there.

So I’m putting it down as a little splash of oil from the filter when it was removed.

The filter on this 5.3L is above and just behind the plate.

However, I DO have one question for you that know about 4x4 transfer cases.

While I was under the vehicle I twisted the front driveshaft right and left and heard a soft clanking noise from the transfer case end.

I barely hear it when the engine is running and I’m shifting from drive to reverse and back.

Is this the start of a gear wearing out or something loose?

The fluid level is up.

'02 Tahoe 5.3L 4x4 196k kms (122,600 miles)

On the 2002 it is to the right of the obvious box and there is a screw to remove on the forward end of the filter. The filter is standing up so you will be pulling an end down. You should still have tabs to force open. Mine is air conditioned. The book says that SOME of these models have a pair of filters. The ones without AC probably don’t have one.

Thanks PDV, that may help. Mine has air cond too.
Hopefully I’ll get a chance to look tomorrow.

Wouldn’t you know it, the filter housing is hiding behind a huge cover that runs from the tranny hump to the passenger side under the dash.

That’s fine, BUT, when I checked for the screws holding it up in place I find two screws only, but one is over the hump, meaning I need a 'socket screwdriver no more than 4 inches long to gain access to the screw in a recessed hole!
Why make life easy eh?

A short extension with a socket and ratchet should work.

THANKS a lot GM!

I checked the manual again in the section that lists replacement parts such as plugs,oil filter,air filter,various fluids,etc. and there is no mention of a cabin air filter listed. My assumption is that this truck doesn’t have one.

Looks as though I’m talking to myself here.

Took the cover off and guess what? No filter. NO screws, no nothing aside from the vent that directs blowing air down to floor.

Roll the windows down once in awhile instead, I guess.

After my recent (10 min ago) search, I do believe you’re right.

My Haynes manual shows a tech spraying an automotive type disinfectant at the evaporator core through the cabin air filter housing.
Thing is, it doesn’t specify which vehicles have it and I haven’t been able to pin down the correct answer, so you may well have it there.

The people who build these things should say, if you have one it is under the (different colored) access door with the obvious (whatever) symbol on it. Everything doesn’t have to be a puzzle.

My 00 Yukon has one it is mounted vertically under the glove box, behind the panel that covers the vents. Be careful there is a tab in the front and a screw in the back if you dont undue the screw it will break and have to be duct taped up like mine. you should look for it. I dont have many trees in my yard, and my filter was full of debris.

My Sable didn’t have one. Service tech said that was a cost saving measure. I put one in & continue to replace it. Maybe your situation is the same.