Is it bad to drive without my air filter cover secured?

I tried to do a DIY air filter change. I lost one of the screws for the cover. Is it bad to drive like this?

I’ll head over to home depot soon to get another one.

Also, how do I know what is the right side to place the air filter on when there isn’t any arrow?

the filter isn’t pressed down so it can’t completely seal, but it’s good enough to go run and get a replacement screw.


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Thank you. Do those two latches on the left side of the box look disconnected to you? Something seemed wrong about them.

You didn’t interlock the tabs, that is a bigger problem than the missing screw.

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The top of the filter housing isn’t latched into the bottom at the tab.


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How do I know what is the right side to place the air filter on when there isn’t any arrow?

There are three rounded corners and one square, the filter only fits one way.

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if it looks like this then it would sit just like it is in the picture.


The filter looks exactly like the one in the picture Nevada posted. I appreciate your help though.

I tried to push the tabs to connect as much as I possibly could, but the filter is still slightly visible on the right side.

Can this lead to a problem?

You are good.

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Avoid driving behind someone on any dirt roads on the way to the store.

Boat 2 strokes usually didn’t have air filters. I saw someone’s 2 stroke dirt bike that had the wrong filter on it. There was a bild up of dirt on the side of the pipe on clean side of the air passage. It still seemed to work fine. 2 strokes must have more dirt tolerance with the oil constantly being replaced.

A while back I read about a test with tillers, one having no air filter and one with. After a sort time of operation in such a dusty environment, the engines were torn down and the one with no air filter already had significant wear.

Get the tabs inserted first, then push down opposite side. You did compare new filter with old?

Can anyone tell me what size hex bolt I should get for closing the air filter box? I lost the one in the back.

I wanted to bring the front one into Home Depot with me, but I had a difficult time getting it off.

So is your answer that there won’t be a problem? I’m confused.


We don’t know what kind of vehicle it is.


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If you got it off once it should be easier the second time .

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The car is a 2005 Camry.

Did you see the last two pictures I posted? Do you think it is safe to have my air filter slightly exposed like that?

I tried to connect the tabs as much as I could.

I didn’t have to completely get the bolt off to replace the air filter.

There is an unusual looking fastener/nut at the end of the bolt.