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Need help identifying missing part

Asking for help identifying the missing part from underneath our 1988 Land Rover? The location is just behind the oil pan in front of the transmission fluid reservoir, bell housing? Transmission fluid is leaking.

Why do you think there is a part missing? Because of the leak? Seals will do that when they are worn.

BTW, I don’t see anything missing

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Try the parts window at the LR dealer. With your vehicle’s information they’ll be able to look up an exploded view drawing and identify the part positively.

If you own a Land Rover then, generally speaking, the missing part is called “your wallet”.


I too do not think you are missing any part. That hole…if that is where you think the problem is…could simply be a hole that is used in indexing the block for machining. Or it could be used for an option that was not sold to you.

But I agree with @Mustangman and you have a leaking seal.


Post this on a Land Rover forum, somebody there will know.

I have heard that the only time a Land Rover does not leak is when it is empty


It’s called British undercoating.


Just because you find a hole in a component doesn’t mean a part is missing.

The hole may have been used in an assembly fixture that joined the transmission to the engine at the plant.


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Oil always migrates to the lowest point before dripping, so you may think that something is missing or a seal at the bottom of the transmission is leaking, but the leak could be higher up. If you have had the transmission flushed, there is a good chance that one of the cooler lines is leaking, one is removed for the flush and it could be loose or cross threaded.

The hole is likely there as a mounting point for a jig used during manufacturing or installing the transmission. It isn’t threaded and the starter ring is directly above the hole with a fraction of an inch clearance.

My guess is that you don’t have any problem at all there. Some leaking fluids accumulating at a low spot under the engine/transmission is normal. Nothing appears to be missing.

Thanks all!
We bought a parts book and a wading plug could be used there if driving in water.

That’s the drain hole for a leaking rear main seal or a front transmission seal. :sunglasses:
Ohh, do I have to tell You? A British car does not leak oil - it’s marking it’s territory.

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Who knew??