Miscreant, Destructive Squirrels

Thank you Show for the suggestion about discouraging squirrels by spraying Peppermint Oil. The miscreant squirrels on my ranch, and neighboring ranches, destroy property, buildings, land, and crops.

Now all I need is a 55 gallon drum of peppermint oil and to hire an aerial sprayer. I serve squirrel chow (okay, poison), and it doesn’t do the whole job of keeping population down/damage down.


lease, does anybody know of other remedies to discourage the squirrels from the property? I’m going to spray the inside of some of my buildings with the peppermint oil-I really do need a 55 gallon drum and a paper route to pay for the stuff . . . I’m a lousy shot, so that’s not a viable option-- The cheeky beggars chirk and wave at me from the fence posts as it is. I don’t need to entertain them, too.

Go to the animal shelter and get a couple of cats. Your squirrels will be gone in no time.

Might look at a junkyard for a copper and brass radiator that would be a bit tougher than the new plastic and aluminum radiators. Perhaps go to a radiator shop and talk to them. Maybe braze a steel mesh to the front and back of the core.

My question is what the squirrels are after in the radiator. Are they addicted to antifreeze? Or, is a “non toxic” type of antifreeze being used? Or just water?

Let me apologize in advance, but I think I would take a metal oil pan, and put in a half gallon of pure ethylene glycol antifreeze (or 50/50) and leave it somewhere near the car (and keep the cat out of the garage).