Squirrel problems

A squirrel is eating my gas fuel line. Is there a feasible suggested remedy?

Chemicals,ultrasonic,cats ,dogs Caddyshack comes to mind.

Humanely trapping the squirrel is another possibility. Take it far from your home and release it in the woods.

An outside cat is the best squirrel deterrent I know of.

A rat trap . . . the big one. Put a little peanut butter on a ritz cracker, put the cracker on the trigger, wind it up, hook the trigger, and place the trap on the ground by a tire. You’ll never discourage the little rodents with moth balls or ultrasonic devices, and they can REALLY cause a lot of damage. I had a hell of a problem one winter when a contractor didn’t properly close an attic eave. I used a “capture” trap and the SOB came back . . . after crapping all over my trunk while I drove him 2 miles away. I’m a big animal lover . . . I donate time & $$ to the local shelter. But these guys are trouble, get rid of it ASAP. Rocketman

Rat poison, the kind you buy at a Farm Store, or try painting hoses and wires with Tobasco sauce…Usually, it’s Chipmunks, not squirrels, but it can be squirrels.

Norway Bar Bait…

Remember that if you poison the squirrel or chippy that they’ll crawl away somewwhere to die . . . and that may well be somewhere in your engine compartment. That’s what one did to me (in my attic) . . . and what a stink! Rocketman