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Squirrels under the hood?

I have a 2010 Subaru Legacy, and I live in the city with no access to a garage. I have off-street parking, which I suppose is the issue - squirrels have somehow managed to get under the hood of my car, and are chewing through the insulation as well as various hoses (the windshield fluid hose suffered in particular - now when you try to spray the windshield, fluid gets all over the engine compartment). Does anyone know any tricks to prevent this? The people at Subaru have not been helpful. So far, I’ve been told to put dryer sheets all over my car and that might help.

Not sure whether this will work for you but when I plant tulip bulbs, I throw a bunch of black pepper in the hole with them. Squirrels apparently hate pepper so won’t dig them up. I get the cheap kind, the stuff you find at Ocean State Job Lot or the dollar store.
Maybe get some pepper and throw it under the car where the engine compartment is located? See if that does anything and go from there.

They probably like it in there because it’s the warmest place around. If you pop the hood at night it will be less attractive to them. And make sure you clean out any acorns they might have stashed.

It can be pretty difficult to repel squirrels, especially if you don’t own the parking space your car is on. Try concentrated fox urine (google it). I’d start by seeing if spraying it on the parking space works - only spray it in the engine bay if spraying the pavement doesn’t work, because that stuff stinks, at least at first, and you don’t want it in your car if you can avoid it.

That’s a good idea but do wonder how they harvest that fox urine.

That, as with how hot dogs are made, is something I’m perfectly happy not knowing. :wink:

Lol - good point.

Haha oh dear, as long as I don’t have to harvest the fox urine myself. Thanks for the tips!

Your state Department of Agriculture office might also be able to help. They have experst in critter control and their services are free.

Or, “Critter Control” from the hardware store might help. It comes in spray bottle and in pellet form.

Here’s a product that will work. And it doesn’t smell of urine.