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Honda engine light

I am experiencing this due to squirrels/rodents eating a piece of plastic tubing running above the gas tank (twice.) I was told sprinkling AJAX powder would keep rodents away. Ha anyone tried this or any other solution?

I’ve heard rodents hate “Bounce” dryer sheets… Some friends I know put these around the perimeter of there barn stored car during the winter months.

This may sound crazy but I heard it from a bug
odent guy (will not mention the company but the are well known). If you use human urine the scent will drive them away. Use a rag or spray bottle.

You might consider applying a deer repellant called Tree Guard that’s extremely bitter-tasting. (I can vouch for this personally because of a unexpected wind gust as I was spraying it once!) I can’t say for sure that it’s safe to apply to the tubing, but it’s latex-based, so chances are that it won’t hurt anything.