Minicooper convertable top

My cat jumped up on my brand new -to -me 2008 mini convertable top and made 5-6 tiny little puncture holes in it. Will this damage the integrity of the top over time?Is there anything I can do to minimize the damage -other than killing the cat, that is.Thanks!

Does the Mini have a headliner like its BMW brethren? If not, you might dab a little black silicone dealer into the holes from the backside. If you do it from the outside it will show.

I’m assuming you cat is an outdoor pet. For that reason you can’t consider having it declawed. I don’t know how you can prevent it from happening again. Besides, it could have been a neighbor’s cat, unless you caught yours red handed, or pawed as the case may be.

Thank you for your reply. It does not have a headliner but the the claw punctures did not go all the way through -they just penetrate the very outer surface. I was worried that water geting in those holes could undermine the integrety of the top over time.I did catch him redhanded and am now covering the top with a tarp -inconvenient to say the least.

Man, I drive a convertible and that cat would be gone if it did anything like that to my car.

I would take it to an upholstery shop that specializes in convertible tops. They can probably take a look and tell you exactly how to handle it. I’ve gotten some very good advice from two shops in my neighborhood, and they’ve never charged me a dime.

Oh, and declaw the cat.