Patch a small hole in a convertible top?

1999 Miata. I’m not too concerned about cosmetics but do want function. I have a small slit, 1/8th inch long, in the top. Has anyone had any success with a glued on patch? What kind of fabric? What kind of glue? Thanks

The glue is a contact cement. However you appear to have a nine year old top. It is not going to hold a patch well since it is no longer that strong. Likely you are going to need to replace it soon anyway. If it is the original top, time to replace it.

BTW if you have a weekend free, this can be a DIY job. Plan on a long hard weekend.

The bimini(sp) top on my boat and the winter tarp cover also, have needed patching. A marine supplier had some tape similar to duct tape which adheres well. It was available in several colors and worked when applied to either side.

Use some duct tape until you get a new top soon.