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Mini cooper s convertible 07

hi there this past weeekend my convertible top won’t go down it’s been working fine then on saturday i had a very large burly man in the passenger seat he pushed his seat back to get more leg room could he have pushed the back seat back to far and can you ajdust the back seat i checked the luggage area it seems okay i can get the roof back like a sun roof but thats it the lite flashes at me help !! :frowning: tami

Take it to the dealer and have it fixed. Most independent shops cringe when somebody shows up with a Mini, unless it’s a Euro specialty shop. I’d also like to congratulate you on the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen!

Take it to the dealer.

Tami - I guess the moral of the story, besides being the winner for the longest run-on sentance, is: don’t allow any more large burly men to ride in your mini cooper. It is only made for regular size burly men. Actually, I really don’t think a large burly man made your convertible top malfunction. I guess it’s possible if he pushed so hard he bent something behind the back seat where the tracks or guide are. Do you hear any noises like it’s trying to go down but hitting something? If not, I’m betting you have a bad relay or other electrical issue. This will take someone familar with the system to look at it. It isn’t still under warrenty? I’d go that route and hope for the best.

hi everyone thank you so much for your advise-- you all rock !!and i will take it to the dealer-- i just love click-n-clack and i’m so lucky to have great car friends out there to help a helpless woman-- thanks so much everyone again-- your help was soooooooo important to me as i am a newly divorced girlie girl ever little bit of help is great!!! :slight_smile: tami