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Holes in My Convertible top..burr

My convertible top was vandalized last March by a knife wielding villain. The Insurance company replaced it and since I have been back multiple times for various issues, leaks, closing, broken wires. A hole/split formed in the summer and they patched it, now I have another hole/ split. The first one is near a seam but not on it. The second on is farther from the seam. I don’t think the original villain is putting the holes in the roof because they are very small compared to his original work but the insurance company isn’t convinced. I never had any holes / splits in the OEM roof which I had for 8.5 years. Am I beginning stalked, is this inexperience on the repair shop part or is it a bad part?

you should be able to tell by looking at the new holes whether they came from a knife or are rips/splits.

Either a non-OEM top was installed, and/or the top was installed incorrectly. Either of these will cause a top to rip when it’s operated.