Attack of wildlife on Mini

I would like to chat on the show about my wildlife problems regarding my Mini Cooper. I live in Saline, Michigan in a farmhouse along the Saline River. Last year a murder of crows set up a community across the river. They have produced many angry babies and brought in many relatives. All of them have an anger problem regarding my Mini Cooper. They come swooping into the Mini, grab onto the windows and slide their way down the car pooping the whole way down. They have scratched all four sides of my lovely car. They also peck away at the anything rubber on the car such as the windshield wipers, sunroof, tires etc. I do cover it now, but they sneak in sometimes if I forget to cover it. I had trouble covering it last year due to a should injury. This year we let it sit, covered for 4 weeks. When I tried to start it, it wouldn’t turn over. We had it towed to the new Mini dealer in Ann Arbor where they informed me that a 2’ by 2’ mouse nest (condo) was under the engine. the mice had eater away at all the wires. …Over one thousand dollars worth. The Mini also has been leaking. Here’s my question finally: Could the mice have done enough damage to make it leak…(if so the insurance will pay.) Any advice other than try having my husband empty out our garage? btw the crows have also scratched two of our other cars, a Honda van(white) and a black Subaru Outback.

My advice is to get a 12 gauge shotgun with birdshot for the crows and rat poison/mousetraps for the mice. Mice can also chew rubber coolant hoses which could cause a leak.

Thanks too late now