Mini 03 Clutch Click

My 03 mini has 45k. Manual transmission. Great shape has always been maintained. Recently hearing a “click” each time I release the clutch and gas pedal. I can hear it mostly while shifting and at idle when I check for the sound by depressing clutch and releasing quickly. Any suggestions before taking it all the way to West Palm Beach. Thanks.

Could be a little play on the Clutch bearing, when pressure is realeased it will just wobble a little giving you that sound. If it gets louder take it in to the shop.

It could be the clutch interlock switch, which is what prevents you from operating the starter unless the clutch pedal is depressed. It’s a little electric push switch that the clutch pedal hits when depressed. If you crawl down by the pedals you might be able to see it.

Thanks for your suggestion. Taking it in tomorrow – doesn’t sound like it’s a major thing just annoying. I hope!!!

Hi Linda,

I’ve got the same ‘click’ noise on my '02 Cooper when I shift. I didn’t have the noise on my first two clutches, but I do on the third. What did you find out when you took it in?