Clutch clicking

I started having a strange clicking sound when pushing down the clutch pedal. I have 43,000 miles on it and I have driven the clutch well(I really don’t believe I already worn it up). It goes away and then it comes back. There is no problem on shifting from gear to gear, it works just fine. It is only when I push the pedal that it starts clicking like it pushing against something. The car dealership was so useless, they said I need a new clutch for $1400 and that warranty does not cover it because I may have been using the clutch badly. Can someone help me? Also do you think that they have the right to tell me it is my fault even though I have the extended warranty for 100, 000 miles.

Thank you!

I have not seen a warranty that would cover a clutch. They are referred to as “wear items”. That said, why are you talking to the dealer? Any competent shop can replace a clutch, probably for far less than $1400. It’s not rocket science.

The clicking sound is probably your throwout bearing (also called a clutch release bearing). Taking the transmission loose from the engine to replace ONLY the throwout bearing does not make good sense because almost all of the labor required to replace the clutch plate and pressure plate is already being done. Have you ever had the habit of resting your foot on the clutch pedal? That will wear out a throwout bearing very easily in 43,000 miles.

Is the clicking coming from under the dashboard or from under the hood?

There is an electric switch (the clutch interlock switch) that contacts the clutch pedal arm when you step on the clutch. It’s what prevents you from starting the engine unless you depress the clutch pedal.

If this switch is faulty you might hear it clicking, but it normally only clicks once, not multiple times.

Take the car to another mechanic and get a second opinion.

Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate any advice since I know nearly nothing about cars. The click is coming from underneath my foot and most of the time it is just one click but at one point it got several clicking sounds after I was stuck in traffic for 50 min and most of it was in first gear. You think that if it is this clutch interlock switch, it could be repaired without having to replace the clutch?
Thank you again!

Thank you for clarifying the warranty business. I understand that the dealer is really expensive but I am afraid that If I take it to some cheaper shop and they have to take the transmission out to deal with the clutch and they mess up something, than I would have problems with the warranty. Is the clutch interlock switch the same as the clutch release bearing? Thank you again so much!

The clutch interlock switch is only there to keep you from engaging the starter with the transmission in gear. Starting the car in gear could have disastrous results. The switches were introduced 70 years or so who by Nash which put the floor mounted starter switch UNDER the clutch pedal. Depressing the clutch actuated the starter, but I digress. The switch is completely separate from the throwout bearing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard one click, however faintly, but that doesn’t mean they don’t click, once per clutch depression.

You may even be able to FEEL the worn out throwout bearing through the clutch pedal with your foot.

Seriously, look for a recommended shop on this website under Mechanics files. The dealer is about to charge you about twice what you should pay. You can ask any shop what their charges will be. Tell them you want the complete clutch assembly replaced along with resurfacing the flywheel. That way you will sound like you know exactly what you are talking about.

Thank you again for the help!