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Dodge click in clutch/transmission

I’ve got a Dodge Caliber '07 that has a weird Click that happens most of the time when I start engaging the clutch, it doens’t happen when starting out in first gear, but when shifting to 2nd, 3rd and now as it’s aging sometimes 4th and very infrequently 5th. It happens when I pass the friction point on the clutch and can feel it in the pedal - as a note - I’ve found that if I gingerly/slowly release the pedal through the friction point it won’t do it most of the time.

It is fairly loud at lower gears, as I can sometimes hear it with the window open bouncing off buildings or things. I’m just wondering what this is?

I have asked at the dealership several times already about this - but the mechanic always reported nothing found and that it’s normal for a transmission with that many km (I’m in Canada). I bought the car with 50,000 km and it has done it the whole time - I’ve now got 128,000 km.

My first thought was something with a bearing or something - as it almost sounds like the gear isn’t quite in place and when the torque starts being transferred it clicks into place… I’m not sure - which is why I’m here! :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help!

Does it happen when you doubleclutch?

In case you’ve never done that: when shifting gears, press the clutch, you quickly shift to neutral, let the clutch come up, quickly press the clutch back down, quickly shift to the intended year and let the clutch come up.
You basically do this when the gears aren’t synchronized, like on older cars and trucks.
If you near noise between shifting, it could be a gear’s synchro and this would be a way to see if a particular synchro is having issues.

Thanks for your answer RemcoW - I had answered this before, but hadn’t read your answer completely. It does not happen when I double clutch. Although, I’ve found out I get the same sound if I’m on the highway in 5th - keeping steady speed, and then hit the gas to accelerate - as soon do that - it happens. Again - it doens’t happen all the time, but it’s been going on way too long.