Clacking noise when disengaging clutch pedal

Recently bought an 05’ Chevy Silverado 1500 4 WD with a 6cyl. 5 spd. manual transmission. I like the truck but when I release of disengage the clutch pedal in 2nd, 3rd and in 4th gear (noise is less pronounced)I hear a clacking or snapping-like sound when the clutch pedal is released about 1/3 from the floor. This clacking or snapping-like noise is more pronounced when first driven a few miles and when downshifting rather than upshifting. The vehicle upshifts and downshifts fine in all gears. My mechanic first said it sounded like in was something loose in the clutch assembly and on a different occasson thought it could be the transmission. Any ideas wht this could be and if I should be concerned with this noise? Any help here is appreciated.

The only thing that comes to mind is the throw-out bearing. When it goes bad it will make noise when the clutch is depressed or released. Have a good mechanic check it out. There is a good possibility that it could be something else though so a visit to your local mechanic is in order.

Check for technical service bulletins, this is just the type thing that is dealt with.

The noise might be coming from the slip yoke where the driveshaft is inserted into the tranny. The splines on the slip yoke can bind where a snapping noise occurs when the rear suspension goes through it’s movement.

The fix for this is to remove the drive shaft from the tranny, and coat the splines on the slip yoke with moly grease and reinstall the driveshaft.