Millenial oil check



Excellent business idea!!

I hope this is a joke. Not funny.

yes, it’s a joke.
and yes- it’s pretty funny. I know some folks who may just ask for one of these… :wink:


I read an article today talking about a study from I think Norway that found the IQ of Millennials has lost a few points from the previous generation. In the past each generation has tended to score a little higher. They don’t know the cause but suggested electronics and video games may have some impact. Doesn’t mean they are dumber, just less able to process information and critical thinking as well. So maybe cars should come with several dipsticks or a universal length that you cut to fit, or eliminate the dipstick altogether in favor of an idiot light-oh wait, they already do this.

Not everyone though. My grand kids have been severely limited on TV time and computer game time. Timed and enforced. I thought it was a little extreme but maybe not.


I think it is hilarious

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Is there an adjustable one available? :wink:

Ah, that’s it. Replace dipstick with telescoping fishing rod.

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I know this is a joke, but I’ll bet $100 that some where someone had actually said that (and wasn’t joking).


Aren’t’ Gen ME drivers in the upper teen/20’s age group? When I was in in that age group, common sense definitely wasn’t my forte. I don’t think I’d have purchased a longer dipstick, but I might have assumed the reason for an unexplained low oil reading was there was something wrong with the one I had possibly.

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Well this kind of fits the subject and it is car related after all.

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You can get one from Manny, Moe and Jack

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Great idea!
Gen2 of this tool would need to incorporate a drilling option, so if no oil is found in the oil-pan, you can drill the ground for it :slight_smile:

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It says:
Application-specific direct replacement for proper fit

I knew it was too good to be true :frowning:

30’s too. The generation starts with people born in '81.

“Kind of fits” was that lady’s problem…

Even I check my truck’s oil more than once per millennium.

They probably have a virtual check oil and transmission fluid. If it is low they can just reset to full. At 8 years old after completing an 8 hour day picking strawberries I had to complete at home chores to access TV time. The money I earned from both was mine. I learned much of the real world!

Not to worry . Toyota will eliminate the oil dipstick just like they eliminated the trans fluid dipstick. Saves them 59cents . So what if the customer has to buy a new engine.

Like the Lawnboy mower I bought for the cabins last year. 2 year guarantee it will start the first pull, care taker set it up at the cabins, I got the impression there was no dipstick, and the oil was a sealed system, good for the life of the mower, not like many probably bother to change the oil in a mower anyway. Kind of like the new cars with no dipstick for trans fluid i guess. My 15 year old mower I have done a few oil changes, and the grass clippings clog up the rust hole in the mower deck, craftsman mower with a Honda engine. First lawnmower deck in 50 years I had go before the engine, though I think I have had only 3 lawnmowers in that time frame.