Millenial oil check


But it is adjustable. All you need is a screwdriver to change the position of the stop. As the one (and only) reviewer said, it didn’t work at all on his 6.7L diesel, but he did like the concept.


Already have the adjustable length dip stick; now looking for reliable high compression battery cables.


You mean the car computer won’t tell me when to check the oil?
You’ve got to be kidding.
How 20th century to use the dipstick.

Seriously, a very bright young man who is mechanically adept with computers was surprised that I still checked the oil and the tire pressure (and eyed the rest of the fluids) every two weeks.


on that note- at work we had several International DT466E’s that came with the wrong length dipstick tube. I had to cut about an inch off of the tubes. The oil would read low, the drivers would add oil, and then blow the rear seals because the oil was over full.


Reminds me what I read in a couple of recent Hot Rod to the Rescue articles (Hot Rod magazine, June and July 2018 issues), the owner of the problem 1998 Ford Bronco discovered his engine rebuilders, lacking the proper dipstick and dipstick tube apparently, simply plugged the hole with rtv sealant. I guess that would have to be included in this discussion of problematic dipsticks … :wink:

Well, at least it kept the oil inside the engine … lol …


Now I’m a little concerned. Forget checking or changing oil, 6 out of 10 can’t change a light bulb.