Mileage increase

Does the PICCTV system of dissociating H2O into H+ and O2 ions and adding them to fuel work?

Does their second stage of breaking down the fuel into shorter chains with open bonds work?

Does any of this stuff void any warrantees?

Oh man when will this spam about water kits end…

F***ing load of f*ing bullst.

It seems when I curse and f***ing swear, the lackeys get rid of these f***ing spammers a f***lot quicker. So f*** f***ety f*** f*** f***!

In short. It is nothing more than a SCAM. If it worked, you could lift yourself up by pulling on your boot straps.

A first-time poster inquiring about a scam product. Whatever might that mean? Anyone for spiced ham in a can?

Hey, tell us what you REALLY think of this “product”!

What chains? The benzine (gasoline) molecule is a RING. It doesn’t “open” very well and it isn’t magnetic, either. Scam, Scam, Scam, Scam. Wonderful SCAM! (apologies to Monty Python).