Milage on honda 2008 4 cyl 190 horse power



I am getting abount 17-20 mpg. city driving. car has 2500 miles. is this normal?


Is it a manual or an outomatic. Are you doing jack rabbit starts, are your tires underinflated. Most importantly, you could be idling it for 1/2 Hours in the winter time to warm it up. I get better mileage on my V8 Mustang. So there is something wrong.


Is this just one tankful of gas? You may not have the gallons exactly right if you filled up once and checked the miles. Add several tanks and make sure you calculate the miles correctly. This is too low for this car.


city driving? depends upon what part of what city, tire pressure, tuneup state, and most important, your driving habits.

When you see a red light a block ahead of you what do you do?

  1. immediately take your foot off the gas or
  2. continue at speed till you get close to the light, then brake.

When you are stopped and light turns to green, do you

  1. press hard on the acc pedal?
  2. gradually accelerate

when you see a yellow light ahead of you do you

  1. take foot off gas
  2. Accelerate

you get the idea… good habits can get you 30mpg city, bad habits 10mpg.

my car has a trip computer that calculates mpg. If I idle for a few minutes (waiting for someone) then drive conservatively, but with stop signs at every intersection, I can get 10mpg or less. On the highway I can get 30mpg.


too low for what conditions? under some conditions it could be “normal”


Take it the dealer. It’s still under warranty so let them worry about it. It does sound a little low. What kind of Honda are you talking about?


How about telling everybody what model it is, transmission option, etc. The figure could be about right depending on the model, transmission, and driving habits.
Even some model of Civics are shown to be around 21 in the city and real world can easily be less than that. Accords are shown to be 17 to 20, etc.


You aren’t even broken in yet. Check it when you are over 3000 miles. If you do all city driving with trips less than four miles, you will never get 20 MPG. With 190 HP, you are at normal gas mileage. If the temperature is near freezing, you are doing very well. The people who figure city mileage will do it by driving all day instead of forty-five short trips. They don’t do it in cold weather either. At least that’s the way I would do it if I wanted the car to get a good rating. Post your new info as a reply to your original post.


What model Honda is it? Is it an SUV or a car? What was the EPA estimate on the sticker?

If you are driving a four-wheel-drive SUV, that is about as good as you can expect.


It must be the Accord EX- it is the only 4 cylinder that Honda offers with 190 HP. Everyone is correct. It is the winter and people tend to get lower mpgs in the winter. In addition, I would be willing to bet that this is within the range of acceptable. If you take it to Honda they will simply say that it is normal- and in this case they will probably be right. Slow down, accelerate slower, keep lots of distance, don’t accelerate to stop signs and red light- coast to them, then report back.



The main question is what are your driving habits??? Jack-rabbit starts…hard stopping…driving 50 in a 30 zone??? Most of the time when people are having problems with gas mileage it’s because they are driving too agressively.


The EPA city mileage estimate is 22 (manual) and 21 (automatic). You aren’t far off. If you spend a lot of time idling or race between stop lights, then your mileage is right where it should be.