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Very low mgp

We live in DC and have owned a Honda Odyssey 2002 from late 2005 onwards. With mostly city driving, our mpg averages 11 at best. All regular servicing has taken place as scheduled. The service center cannot identify any problem. What could be the reason for such low mpg, compared with the official 18 - 25 mpg score?

There may be nothing wrong with your car – it just could be your style of driving. Are you doing lots of short stop-and-go trips?

I’d suggest filling the tank, driving a hundred miles or more on the interstate at 55+ mph. Then, refill the tank and calculate your highway mileage. If it’s still very low, have your car checked out by your mechanic. I’d suggest a competent independent Honda specialist rather than a dealer.

I couldn’t agree more. City mileage is so variable. One city drive is like no other and one man’s rural area is another man’s city. Highway mileage test, as Twotone says, is the only way to eliminate as many variables as possible and get the best indicator.
After all…you get 0 miles per gallon all the time you’re idling at a light just trying to keep warm…only a hybrid shuts off the motor.