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Gas milage

i have a 2008 honda accord with 4 cyl 190hp. the car specs at 21 city 31 hwy.

current milage is 14000. i cant get better then 24 on hwy.the chrome tip on the exhust is black inside tip.

The black exhaust is normal. How fast do you drive on the highway?

Are your tires inflated properly? Your check-engine light isn’t on, is it?

Auto or manual transmission? Do you have a carrier on it?

What Gasoline Is Recommended/Required? Does It Call For Premium Gasoline?
What does the Owner’s Manual have to say?

Are you using regular or premium?
Are you using gasoline containing ethanol?
How is the car usually loaded? Do you carry passengers and extra weight?
Are the tyres inflated properly?


…and are you sure that you are using the transmission’s Overdrive position?