i have a honda,2008, 4 door accord with 190 hp. I am getting about 20 mpg in the city. my tire pressure is 3psi above spec.

My average hwy is 23mpg.The car has 17000 miles. is this the best mpg i can expect?

Why not just add the question to your previous ambiguous post ?

It depends on what kind of driving you do, and how you drive your vehicle. You could try driving more conservatively by accelerating at a slower pace. If you are an aggressive driver, yes, this is about as good as it gets. Is there any heavy cargo in your car you can remove?

Our 2000 Acura gets better mileage than that, and it has a V6.

What kind of driving do you do?

If you compare your mileage to that achievable by a professional economy trial driver, the answer is NO!!!

Your driving style and strategy is key here; you can take courses in how to drive more economically without irritating other drivers on the road.

edmunds lists the Accord’s mileage as 21 in the city, so you’re pretty much on par with the EPA fuel economy

The EPA tests show 21 MPG city and 31 MPG highway for the 4 cylinder with an automatic transmission. But your driving may not be simulated well by their test. Also, heavy rush hour traffic will reduce highway mielage as will driving very fast. What you can expect depends on how you drive. Since the car is under warranty, you might take it to the dealer if you think something is wrong.