2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid with mouse droppings!

Found mouse droppings in my cabin air filter. Dealership wants to install screen at $400. Help!

If the dealer thinks that will solve things, what do you need help with? The $400? or the need for the screen? I’d find out from the dealer exactly what this screen is and call around and see if any other shop can install this for less.

As for keeping mice out of your car, they are tricky little devils that squeeze into the tiniest of places and do tremendous damage. Far more than the $400 the dealer wants for a screen.

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See if you can locate a product such as this.


Spray it around your vehicle, and it’ll keep the mice away.

A screen will not keep a mouse or other rodent out. They will find a way around or find another spot. I find seeds and stuff in my air cleaner in the engine area. They do not care where they take up residence. The spray @Tester suggests is a good idea. Replace the cabin filter, very easy to do - wear disposable gloves. Spray the area with Lysol.

Do they have a theory how the mouse is getting into that area? Through an open window? Or some other way? Good idea in general to avoid rodents, avoid leaving any food products in the car overnight, like old pizza boxes, McDonald wrappers, candy bars, etc. And keep the windows and doors fully closed when the car is parked.

While I sure wouldn’t want them getting into my car, they seem to like to chew on wiring which will be a bigger problem. I’d do as suggested and try and keep them away from the car period.

where is filter? behind glovebox? changing my 15’ civic filter takes 5 min. i dont think mouse is living in filter housing. i think the critter is by dash inlet for air and the flow is sucking in the bits of crud. my vue has the filter under the wiper box area and is changed by opening the hood. i think the wiper cowl area is a nice little space for mice to hang out but i dont see them living there. maybe thats where the seeds/bits of twigs from trees end up and thats why mice are looking for a snack?

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try the spray around the car.

Thanks, I looked online on how to change the cabin filter. Didn’t realize
how easy it is. I never keep food in my car or wrappers or anything. I live
in a very rural area. Will try the suggested spray.

It’s probably your car’s wiring. Rodents seem to like the stuff.

A couple of things to consider:

You would be surprised at just how unpleasant the interior of your car can become when a small rodent takes up residence. The smell of urine can be quite difficult to remove once it gets into foam or other insulating materials under the dash. Add to that the odor of the decomposing body stuck in the fan housing, and you’ve got an inconvenient and expensive cleanup.

Actual damage to electrical and vacuum-operated components can be even more costly. We currently have a Ford Ranger in for rodent damage, the cost to repair all the wiring and replace damaged A/C/Heater components is approximately $2400.

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