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2002 Camry cabin air filter Vs, mice

Mice seem to like to build a nest on my 02 Camry air filter. Yesterday, after smelling a foul smell for awhile a loud noise started up under the dash. It got louder the faster the blower motor went. When I got home I pulled out the filter, and there was the usual maple tree seeds mixed with the material of the filter making a cozy nest.

But this time I found a hole in the filter. After vacuuming the area, I reached in to feel the blower fan. Sure enough there was a mouse in the fan blades!

I wish Toyota would make a rodent proof cabin filter.

In the meantime I guess I will leave the filter out for the winter.

Anyone see any problems with this?

Happy new year to all!

How did a mouse get to the cabin air filter to begin with? Most cars get outside air into the cabin through the vent slots under the windshield, and they are not big enough for a mouse to fit through. You’ll need to find out how the mice get in. Also, take a piece of chicken wire or stainless steel screen material and make a mouse guard to fit over the air filter. A few mouse bait traps where you park the car can help get rid of them, too.

I’m not sure I’d leave the cabin air filter out for any period of time. Assuming you’ve fixed the problem, then replacing the filter would be the logical next step. If however you have another problem with mice, then the alternative could be that these critters would still have an area to get into - with or without the filter in place. I would find out the way the mice are getting in and plug the area as described above.

I spoke to the Toyota dealer about this problem. He says there a lot of ways a mouse can get into the filter.
By leaving the filter out the mice have no nest material to build a nest with. Don’t think they would last long attempting to build a nest on top of the fan blades!
Last year I placed a trap on top of the engine with double stick tape. Got a few mice that way. But not all.
A metal screen on top of the filter sounds feasible.

Thanks for your help.

Take mice in your air system very seriously. I have strong reasons to believe that my wife contracted hantavirus pulmonary syndrome from her Toyota cabin air system. [link removed – CD] Admins, I’m not sure if you allow links like this, but it is non-profit and for addressing a serious problem with automobiles, so please do not remove.

I intend to bring pressure on the manufacturers, particularly Toyota which seems especially prone, to put a goddam screen in the intake somewhere. It is simple, common sense.

Why are you dredging up old threads ? If you really have a legitimate message it would stand alone.


You need to . . .

  1. Relax . . . this is NOT specific to Toyota

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@cdaquila Carolyn , mwaterb has a link on this thread also.

I’m still working my way through. Thank you.

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