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Suggestion for a hot new product

Someone could make a lot of money marketing a mouse repellant cabin air filter.

If it’s that bad and no garage, just use that repellant spray from Menards that Tester uses around the perimeter of buildings.

How exactly would that be done? I’d prefer not to have extra chemicals added to a filter that my breathing air passes through.


Even if the fumes are not truly toxic, the likely odor from a rodent repellent is not something I would wish to inhale.


Especially when it’s all natural and odor free.


Yeah, smells like chile peppers or something. Not like soaking a filter in Malathion or anything. Or if you don’t like the smell of peppers, and have rodents all over the place, just fashion a screen over the filter. Easy peasy.


Bear Urine is an effective, all natural rodent repellent. Not harmful to inhale, either.

It may not be harmful… but I don’t want my car smelling of it!


It’s an acquired taste. (Roflmao)


Maybe share how one acquires a taste for bear urine. Not in my tent.

In high school I worked at a drive-in restaurant for three years. The owner was a self-made man that I learned a lot from. He had a sign hanging in the kitchen where his wife would not see it all the time. “Behind every successful man is a woman . . .telling him he’s wrong”.

That’s humor. Don’t get upset. But it seems like no matter the idea that someone comes up with, there are always people to blow holes in it.


Cinnamon. I was skeptical when I read about it but gave it a try as I highly prefer the smell of cinnamon to that of cayenne pepper or other mouse repellants.

Since putting some ground cinnamon in the engine bay of the car and all around the inside perimeter of the garage the mice invasion vanished. No new mouse droppings in almost a year. No mice nests in the car or garage.

I use the least expensive el cheapo ground cinnamon I can find and put down a fresh dose every three or four months.

I’m far less skeptical after a year but do remain vigilant.


On second thought, maybe don’t. :wink:

We use snake repellent with cinnamon, cloves and peppers. Doesn’t hurt the snakes but keeps them from entering my lanai.

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whatever, due to my situation the material has to be put inside my air system, on the outside air side
of the cabin air filter.

You don’t have a screen enclosure? I see those all over Florida. That’ll keep the snakes and other creepy-crawlies out too. If there’s no food the snakes aren’t interested.

Yep, we do. New as of last year. Fits much tighter to the slab than the old one.

You’d think so, but not always. :hushed: We have a screen door leading outside like most do. The sweep at the bottom needs to be very tight or the little buggers will slip right through. A Pygmy Rattlesnake :grimacing:, or Blacksnake can be the thickness of less than a #2 pencil. Pygmys are aggressive and somewhat dangerous to pets. Blacksnakes are very useful to keep the palm rat population down so we don’t want them hurt.

Then we have Blind Snakes that look like black, skinny worms as they are tiny. Harmless but the cats like playing with them and bringing them inside the house!

where would one buy a screen enclosure to fit a specific model (2014 Avalon; 2019 CRV)?

The mentioned screen enclosures are not for vehicles but for home patios and swimming pools .

I prefer leaving all the snakes alone. We don’t have rattlesnakes in Central Maryland, but we do have copperheads. One seems to move into my front foundation garden every spring or summer. I was concerned about it when we had a do, since she liked laying next to the garden for much of the year. Anyway, the snake eats the small rodents, and I consider it a good neighbor for that.

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I’ll leave them alone… I just don’t want to be too hospitable! The Snake-Be-Gone encourages them to be out in the yard where they belong!

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