Mice in Engine

I recently brought my 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe in for 10K service and a mice nest was discovered under the engine cover. After paying to have it cleaned out it was recommended I put moth balls under the hood to repell the mice. Moth balls contain Napthalene which I believe is flammable. What should I use to repell the mice?

Where do you park the car?

Mothballs usually work if YOU can stand the smell (there is no fire hazard) or eliminate the mice with traps. Chipmunks are a more likely culprit.

In driveway next to house.

I’d call the state Department of Agriculture office. They have experts in rhodent control and their services are free.

I’ve heard of using peppermint oil - I guess you’d want to spray it around in areas where they are likely to enter or nest.

I can’t completely vouch for this suggestion, but I - sort of - tried it once. I had mice getting into the air cleaner box, chewing up the box and filter. I didn’t have any peppermint oil, but sort of smeared a bunch of some kind of body wash containing some peppermint oil around in the air box.

I’m laughing as I write b/c I simply can’t believe that this worked - i.e. I’m not even convinced. But since then I haven’t had any mice in the air box.


Gah, who would want to evict that little guy?!