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Mice in car

in the past mice have chewed the insulation from under the hood, chewed up hozes to both water systems and fuel pump…but now they have gone too far… yesterday a mouse ran from under the passenger seat and nipped me on my heel while I was driving… this is not only costly but scary…

I have been advised to use moth balls, used cat litter, plug-in noise devices, nothing discourages them… now the mazda service person suggests I spray inside the car and under the hood with peppermint oil…

any better suggestions???

If you aren’t allergic, I would adopt a cat, Bengal cat would be best…they are pretty wild and good mousers.

I have a cat but he does not live in the car

The mice may live in the car, but they don’t spend all of their time there. They must find food, at which time they leave the car. That’s when your cat should get them. An indoor car won’t be much good for this. The cat has to be outside to catch the mice.

Mouse traps may work, too, if you place them strategically in and around the car.

Mice can cause expensive damage, as you are discovering. Get rid of them by any means necessary.

you are right they do cause expensive damage… I live in the country where if the cat lives outdoors the coyotes eat him, and with the car parked outside traps might trap all kinds of small animals I do not want to hurt… poisons are out of question… am trying the peppermint oil treatment right now…