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Mice under hood

We have to park our cars outside. This is the second time we have had this problem–mice are getting under the hood and chewing wires! Our AC went out twice. What can we do???

Mothballs, mouse traps, and start feeding the local stray cats…

But seariously- the mothballs- though not always effective, are a cheap way to begin to deter the mice. You can either try to wedge them in place or put a few in some plastic bags, poke small holes in the bags and zip-tie the bags in place. Just make sure nothing touches anything that gets hot or that moves! As far as the traps- get what you want live traps, snaps, sticky pads, etc- but you know that for the mice to get into the engine bay that have to get up there first. Thus the best place to start putting traps is next to each wheel. I do suggest putting a trap or two INSIDE your vehicle as well. Mice often love to make homes in seats and create food stashes in A/C & Heating vents/ ducts.

Are you parking in a parking lot or in grass outside your home?