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Mice in boot/trunk of 2008 miniS convertible

My boot/trunk would not open. Being optimistic I waited a while and kept trying hoping it would work, but no. My husband was able to get into the boot “manually” which is an enormous pain. Since miniS keeps battery and other mechanicals in the boot, my mini needed to travel the 60 miles to the dealership. I do not think they started to work on my car right away (how hard could these be) but after a week they called to say the mice had chewed through all of the wires leading to a part that works the lever for the boot. Naturally this is not covered by the warranty, perhaps homeowners will. The bug/rodent fellow is arriving on Monday - if the mice are in my garage kept miniS convertible then they are in the garage and in the house. So my question is, HOW do I kept the mice OUT of my car? The carpets everywhere are charcoal in the car, I would not/did not notice any droppings. Important to know that my black lab, Shady often travels with me in the car…I do not want to take the chance he could get a hold of some poison (although he is never in the boot!).

If you can make the mice think there’s a predator in the area they’ll leave. See if a local garden center sells a product such as this.


Thank you, I will try and find this. I am hoping it does not smell for “humans”.