Messed up restoring headlights, left UV coating on paint. How can I remove it?

Hi guys,

So I was defogging/clearing my headlights using one of those headlight restoration kits. It worked extremely well…except when I was putting on the UV coating it dripped down onto the paint of my car. I didn’t notice it at first but later on I saw drips of yellow going down from the headlights.
Here are some pictures, the best I could take of it. (ignore the insect blood)

As you can see there are the drips from the UV coating. I tried cleaning it as hard as I could and it’s not coming off.

Is there any solution I can use to remove it without damaging the paint?
Thanks for any help.

Call the company that made the kit and sak them.

Go to an auto parts store that sells automotive paint supplies and ask for a small container of DuPont Prep-Sol

This is what is used to strip everything from the paint surface before bodywork begins.

Then once the stains are removed, the area will require a rewaxing.


I think he means “ask them”.

Yes, I think I was sleepy when I typed that.

Y’know, their website might address the “if the compound gets on the paint” question. It’s worth a shot.

If all else fails, try a small amount of gasoline on a clean cloth. Gasoline is one of the most powerful solvents a typical homeowner will have on hand. Careful, besides being a fire hazard, gasoline will easily dissolve and remove the paint too if you rub too hard or use too much. Try it in an inconspicuous place first. And all gasoline-handling safety rules apply, for example do this away from structures, and have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Try Simple Green or a citrus based solvent. If they don’t work, ethanol (whiskey) or acetone ( nail polish remover). If they don’t work, try the detailer.

I would think the wax remover @Tester mentioned should do the trick.

Well you can try the prep sol but it’s pretty mild and may need to buy a gallon of it. I use acetone to remove the lacquer on brass so don’t think I’d do that. Gas is always to dangerous to use as a cleaner since it an combust while you are rubbing with it. I kinda think the discoloration will need to be buffed out with a rubbing compound.

You make me laugh Bing!

“You might need a gallon of it.”

Prep-Sol is so effective, you just need to dampen a rag to remove any stains.


I’d try simple old rubbing compound, wax-on . . wax-off. Rocketman

Gas is always to dangerous to use as a cleaner since it an combust while you are rubbing with it.

Just how fast and furious are you rubbing?? I was reading the field service and cleaning manual for one of my older military pocket watches and gasoline (not containing lead) is an acceptable cleaning solution.

@tester The last time I bought Prep Sol, they no longer carried the quart size so you had to buy it in the gallon size. Maybe they have smaller sizes now or maybe they sell it in bulk now if you bring your own container. I did not mean that you needed a gallon for the job, only that that might be the only quantity available. Glad you got a laugh anyway.