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Message a poster

Is there no longer any way to message a fellow poster?

Check your message’s I just sent you one.

Hi old timer. Click on the letter or the photo icon next to a poster’s name and a box comes up. Click on the blue button to send a message.

Hey @oldtimer_11 I dont mind you messaging me but try to hold back on the foul language my man. I haven’t even heard some of those zingers you are using.

LOL… I kid, i kid…

Many thanks to those who messaged me, I was clicking on the user name. It worked in the past, worked today, did not work yesterday. If I understood cars as well as I do computers, I couldn’t change a tire.

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If the user’s profile is private like Renegade’s there is no message icon to click on.

That explains it, it was Renegade I was trying to message. I have messaged him in the past. That is probably why he has made his profil:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:e private

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If my profile was made private I did not know it I will try to go to my setting’s and change it if not maybe @cdaquila can fix so it is not private. oldtimer I never had a problem with your message’s in the past & I welcome you or anyone to message me any time.

I just found my profile was made private & I don’t know how it got that way I have sent & recieved message’s in the past with no problem’s I went into my setting;s & did not see any way to change it if you could fix it from your end I would buy you a dinner if you ever get to my neck of the wood’s I am like oldetimer I don’t understand a whole lot about computer’s thank you.

In your profile select “Interface”

Un-check “Hide my profile”.


Thank you I just did that hope that work’s as I have no way of knowing from this end.

Nope, You’re still hidden

Thank you I hope Carolyn can help as I don’t know where to go from here.

That is why I tried to put a smiley face after it.

How do I find my profile? When I click on my initial, I don’t see “interface”.