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Mercury Sable LX 2000 stationwagon noise when turning corners

Re:2000 Mercury LX Sable Stationwagon has a loud noise when turning corners, sounds like something is heavy is shifting in the rear of the car.

Also, the engine light is constant and flashes when stopped at stopped lights and shakes a bit at that time.

We took the car in for repair. One rear brake pan was replaced and one spark plug rubber gaget was replaced. The car’s engine light went off for about a day but is now back on all the time.

Take your vehicle to another mechanic. One that will think “out of the box”. The last time I saw a problem like this it turned out to be a loose gas tank. The fuel pump had been changed a couple of days before. When the customer questioned the mechanic who installed the pump he swore up and down that the gas tank was installed correctly. Not! In any regard, you need a mechanic who will do a thorough inspection. Loud noises can lead to even louder noises. You don’t want to be in the vehicle if that happens.