'98 Mercury Sable noise



We have a '98 Mercury Sable that makes a low groaning sound whenever the car has been driven a few miles and we are turning right. No service center seems to know what it is.


Possible worn wheel bearing.


I’d come nearer thinking it’s a bad CV joint. I replaced a very dried out CV shaft on a 2000 Taurus just last week. It roared all the time.


Any other symptoms? Is is speed sensitive? Is it worse when accelerating or braking?

If you slightly apply the brakes while turning does it happen?

It could be a bearing, CV axle, a scraping rotor or some other front end component. The more info you can provide the better help you can get.


Our 98 Windstar started to make a groaning noise at 57k during slow turns or turning out of a driveway. The tie rod ends needed lubing. Although there were no grease fittings, my mechanic was able to get some grease into the tie rod ends. I think he used a needle(?) attachment on the grease gun to get the grease past the seal. They were fine when we sold the van with 98k a few years later.

Ed B.